Below Is A List Of Our Firm’s Recent Case Results

Mr. Rentz has enjoyed a great amount of success in the courtroom for many of his past clients. View some of our recent case results below:

  • Client accused of breaking his wife’s arm with a beer bottle and facing 25-life in prison—not guilty after jury trial
  • Client accused of felony assault on his girlfriend with a prior assault family violence—case dismissed before trial
  • Client accused of 2 intoxication assaults by causing serious bodily injury to the occupants of a vehicle—plea bargain for 10 years probation
  • Client accused of continuous sexual abuse of a child and 4 counts of indecency with a child—continuous abuse case dismissed, not guilty after jury trial on 2 counts of indecency, 1 indecency case dismissed, 5 years deferred probation on injury to a child for remaining count
  • Client accused of First Degree Engaging in Organized Crime—plea bargain for 1 year deferred probation on misdemeanor theft
  • Client accused of Felony assault family violence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon x2, evading arrest in a vehicle, facing 25-life on each case—plea bargain for 7 years in prison
  • Client accused of First Degree manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance—case dismissed after pretrial diversion

* Just as each client’s needs are different, every case is different and the results below cannot be guaranteed. Specific client case information is privileged and confidential, so only general information is included.

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