Strong Defense From Violent Crime Charges

Murder. Manslaughter. Aggravated assault. These are some of the most serious crimes that a person can be charged with. Due to the nature of the offenses, Texas law limits probation and parole consideration. Additionally, the claims of self defense or defense of another carry specific burdens that need a trained attorney to evaluate and properly present.

John Rentz — An Aggressive, Experienced Defense Attorney

Not only does John Rentz bring you the experience of a former felony prosecutor who has handled the very crimes you are facing, but you also receive the tenacity of a skilled trial attorney who is not willing to roll over because the state is pushing for a trial. If you are facing an allegation this serious, you cannot afford to gamble on your representation. You need someone familiar with the practices of the prosecutors that are trying to convict you. You need aggressive representation. You need John Rentz.

“I Haven’t Been Charged Yet. I’m Just Going To Wait To Hire An Attorney.”

STOP! Cases of these magnitudes have some of the most skilled criminal investigators working on them. Often, the case is made or lost during the investigation leading up to charges being filed. Do you really feel comfortable matching wits with a Texas Ranger or police detective with 20+ years of experience?

You need experienced legal assistance from the beginning. Recognize that the police and District Attorney’s Office are not looking out for what is in your best interest. They have a violent case that they want to close and you are in the cross-hairs. Are you willing to risk facing a possible first or second-degree felony and possible prison time on your own?

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