What Should I Do If I’m Pulled Over For DUI/DWI?

The first thing to remember if you are pulled over for a DUI/DWI is that there is most likely a dash camera in the officer’s vehicle and a body cam on the officer. That means that everything you say is being recorded, so it’s best to say as little as possible.

As the officer approaches your vehicle, turn off your car stereo, roll your window down and be polite. If you are asked if you know why you were pulled over, politely say no. The officer may act friendly, but remember that they are not your friend. Even if they tell you that you are not under arrest or that you don’t need an attorney, politely tell them that you are invoking your right to remain silent.

Always Refuse Field Sobriety Tests

Under Texas law, you are not required to perform a field sobriety test when asked. It is well known that many people have trouble passing field sobriety tests when sober; a roadside sobriety test with your liberty at stake is not the time to find out if you are one of those people. The law allows you to refuse a field sobriety test without penalty. If pushed, tell the officer you will only perform a field sobriety test if you have an attorney present.

Most Of The Time, You Should Refuse Breath And Blood Tests

Unless you are 100% certain that you will pass a breath or blood test, you should refuse. Although a refusal usually results in an arrest, you are almost certain to be arrested anyway when you are asked to take a breath or blood test. Refusing a test allows you to avoid a DWI charge, which is worse than a DUI charge. If you are arrested, cooperate and remember to avoid talking to the officer as much as possible.

After A DUI/DWI Arrest, Contact The Law Offices Of John C. Rentz, P.C., As Soon As Possible

If you have been arrested for a DUI or DWI, you must act quickly to protect your driving rights and minimize penalties. Call the Law Offices of John C. Rentz, P.C., at 940-488-1026 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.