Criminal charges of any kind are a frightening thing. A conviction threatens your rights, future, and freedom. When you are facing criminal charges, an attorney can be your best bet to defending your name and reputation. But when is the right time to hire a lawyer?

There are many reasons to hire an attorney, but knowing when you should hire one is a different question entirely. If you even think you may receive criminal charges soon, now is the best time to get an attorney. The ways an attorney can help defense before law enforcement even files charges can save your future.

Getting ahead of things

The sooner an attorney can begin defending you, the better. If you suspect you are going to receive charges for a crime, do not wait for the charges to arrive, and act now. A lawyer can help you shape the story of things to your advantage.

When the police arrest you, the information they put on the report is the only information the DA will use to determine your guilt. Your lawyer can help ensure the police have the information you need them to have to prove your innocence. The information the DA’s intake department receives has the potential to stop your case from moving forward.

Early action defends your record and denies charges from appearing on criminal history checks. Nothing goes away on its own. If you are looking to remove any charges you might be facing, be proactive in your actions.

Now is the time

If you believe that you are going to face criminal charges, now is the best time to reach out to an experienced defense attorney. Action today can protect tomorrow, so do not wait to begin your defense.